Raw 4 Paws Beef for CATS 1.6kg 8 x 200g Portions PICK UP ONLY
  • Raw 4 Paws Beef for CATS 1.6kg 8 x 200g Portions PICK UP ONLY

    ONLY AVAILABLE INSTORE - NOT AVAILABLE FOR DELIVERYPlease only select 'Click & Collect at Wholefood Pet Market'at the checkout.1.6kg (8 x 200g portions)Approximately $12.46 per kg High source of protein.Raw 4 Paws Beef for Cats contains beef heart which is a natural source of Taurine, which is an essential amino acid for cats as they can’t produce Taurine themselves.Cats are obligate carnivores so this recipe is made without fruit and vegetables.Features: 8 x 200g Individually wrapped Beef Portions For cats or kittens under 4 kg feed approximately 50g or 1/4 patty per day.For large cats over 4 kg feed approximately 100g or half patty daily. Made in Australia - Brisbane
    • Ingredients

      Beef meat, beef heart, beef kidney, organic coconut oil, sunflower oil, organic hemp seed oil, cod liver oil, kelp, calcium, taurine, bio-fermented probiotic (cranberry, dandelion, papaya)

    • Nutritional Analysis

      Protein: 14.9%

      Fat: 7.9%

      Fibre: max 1%

      Moisture: 72.5%

      124.2 Kcal/100g

    • Daily Feeding Guide

      Adult Maintenance Weight: your pets weight (5kg for example) x 2% = 100g

      This is a general guide only please ask us for more information if you need help getting started.