Organic Paws Beef Bone Broth 1 Litre INSTORE ONLY
  • Organic Paws Beef Bone Broth 1 Litre INSTORE ONLY



    Bone broth is an excellent source of gut healing nourishment for both cats and dogs that both species absolutely LOVE!


    Bone broth can be used as a delicious topper on all food and especially great for finicky eaters.  It can also be replaced as a full meal instead of food for 24-48 hours for pets recovering from illness or transitioning to a raw food diet.

    Including bone broth as a regular addition to your pet’s diet is a natural yet revolutionary approach to maintaining optimum animal wellness.


    NOTE: if you see bone broth at your local supermarket or health food store please ensure you check the ingredients for any onion.

    Onion can be toxic to your pets and shouldn't be in any bone broth you make or purchase for your pets.



    Note: This is a refrigerated product.

    • Storage Guidelines

      Refrigerated product and sold in 1 litre jars, please keep refrigerated and use within 7-10 days on opening.

      We suggest using silicone ice cube trays or other containers to portion and re freeze some of the contents (as soon as you open the jar) if you don't think you will use all of the jar within  7-10 days.

    • Ingredients

      18 hour slow cooked bone broth for pets

      Our Beef Bone Broth is an 18 hour slow cooked thick gelatinous broth made with certified organic beef bones and non-fluoridated water, simple and perfect for maintaining excellent pet health. 

    • Nutritional Information

      Nutrients Quantity Per 100g
      Energy 109 KJ
        26 Cal
      Protein 5.9 g
      - Fat, Total < 1 g
      - Saturated < 1 g
      - Monounsaturated < 1 g
      - Polyunsaturated < 1 g
      - Trans < 0.1 g
      Carbohydrate < 1 g
      - Sugar < 1 g
      Sodium 92 mg