Offal Mince for Dogs & Cats 1kg Portion Pack

Offal Mince for Dogs & Cats 1kg Portion Pack


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Available in 1kg Portions (6 x 166g approx)

A mix of kangaroo & goat offal mince including liver, heart, kidney, lung, & trachea.

A great addition to any raw meat diet to assist with your dog or cats digestion and overall well being. Canine Country Pet Food have developed our own special diets with a different flavor variety to suit all dogs and cats and their respective dietary needs.

All meat products are fresh Australia products, most from Human Consumption Processors. All fruit and vegetables are FRESH produce direct from farms in the Brisbane Valley or local produce stores.

  • Ingredients

    Kangaroo & Goat - Liver, Heart, Kidney, Lung & Trachea.

  • Information

    Canine Country offer Offal Mince as a separate product to accommodate pet owners that wish to feed extra/less offal as part of their pets diet.

    With this approach, we strongly believe added offal/organs to meals may be more controlled to meet each individual pets palate and tolerance towards these types of food.