50ml Roll-On Lotion


  • Handy size to carry around in hand luggage on a flight, backpack, glove box, hand bag, sports bags, back pocket.
  • Easy to use (great for kids to use, although you will need to check they have covered all exposed skin for biting insects.)
  • Popular with fisherman as their hands do not have to touch it therefore not interfering with baiting their hooks.

The lotion is white and in a vegetable emulsifier so substantially thinner than the Crème so that it may work well within the spray and roll-on applications.
It has a very pleasant aroma, is nourishing to the skin and leaves no oily residue when rubbed in.


Designed for people, horses & dogs (we don't recommend this product for cats)

*If you are using on your dog or horse, please keep away from their face and we suggest a test spray first to see how they respond, as this product has a naturally strong botanical scent.


We have tried this product ourselves and it does keep the mozzies away!



Nature's Botanical Roll-On Lotion 50ml


66.7g/L Rosemary Oil

66.7g/L Cedarwood Oil