Liker Ball ~ Non Toxic Ball
  • Liker Ball ~ Non Toxic Ball


    It is easy to bite - dogs like it! Easily flies, jumps and rolls. 



    Perfect for dog jaws — soft for dog teeth and gums. Absolutely harmless for glass windows and other surfaces. 



    Floats on the water surface. Well seen from a shore.


    Unique Material

    Light and durable. Non Toxic.


    (Replaces a tennis ball which can be abrasive to your pets teeth and the glue holding the material together can be toxic)

    • Made in Ukraine

    • Guidelines

      Not suitable as a chew toy - use for interactive games with your dog

      Choose the right size for your dog or cat.

      We recommend:

      Small size for toy breeds and cats

      Medium size for medium size dogs such as Beagles, Kelpies, Border Collies, Cavoodles etc

      Large size for Great Danes, Rottweilers, Large Staffis etc

      Please ask us if you're unsure what size to choose.


    PriceFrom $7.95