Inner Health (Turkey/Fish) BARF for Dogs 1kg Roll or Portions
  • Inner Health (Turkey/Fish) BARF for Dogs 1kg Roll or Portions


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    Available in 1kg Roll or 1kg Portions (6 x 166g approx)


    Canine Country's Inner Health BARF has been formulated to help assist pets that have identified as requiring low fat and less kilojoules in their diet, while still maintaining a healthy balance of essential vitamins and nutrients.


    Pets with the following ailments/conditions that may benefit from Inner Health BARF are diabetes, pancreatitis, arthritis, inflamed joints, allergies, sensitive stomach, dry itchy skin, obesity, cancer, bowel & liver issues, fussy eaters.

    • Ingredients

      Minced turkey & turkey bone, minced fish, vegetables (carrot, leafy greens, cabbage, zucchini & other seasonal vegetables), turmeric, coconut oil, dandelion, psyllium husks, linseed oil, Omega 3, 6, 9.


    • Typical Analysis

      Crude Fat              3.1g/100g

      Protein                 14.4g/100g

      Crude Fibre           0.6g/100g


      BARF mix is 75% Meat, 15% Bone & 10% Seasonal Vegetables.

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