Freeze Dry Australia Whole Sardines 80g
  • Freeze Dry Australia Whole Sardines 80g

    Freeze Dried Whole Australian Sardines, very popular!!!


    Great For Cats and Dogs

    “Sardines are a great protein source that provides significant Vitamin B3, B12 and D, selenium, and healthy omega-3 Fatty acids. Sardines are also a good source of phosphorus and calcium.

    • great for the skin and coat
    • great for dogs with allergies (even severe allergies)
    • acts as an anti-inflammatory 
    • great for the brain 


    Australian Made

    • Ingredients

      100% Whole Sardines

    • What is Freeze Drying?

      It extracts almost all of the moisture without cooking the raw ingredients. Our products maintain all the integrity and raw natural nutrition that our K9's & Feline's are designed to eat.