Freeze Dry Australia Kangaroo Cookies 100g
  • Freeze Dry Australia Kangaroo Cookies 100g

    Nutritionally, kangaroo meat is superior to all the farmed meats. It is low in fat (3 – 4%), high in protein, and high in vitamins and minerals. ... Kangaroo is considered a “cooling” meat, as it lives in a very dry and arid environment, and as such, is ideal for treating pets with food allergies.

    100% Kangaroo Meat... and thats it!!


    Suitable for Dogs & Cats

    Australian Made

    • Ingredients

      100% Kangaroo Muscle Meat

    • What is Freeze Drying?

      It extracts almost all of the moisture without cooking the raw ingredients. Our products maintain all the integrity and raw natural nutrition that our K9's & Feline's are designed to eat.