Dehydrated Australian Chicken Hearts 50g
  • Dehydrated Australian Chicken Hearts 50g

    Chicken Heart Dog Treats are 100% Australian Chicken.

    All Natural, Single Ingredient treats – simply dehydrated.


    Chicken Hearts are incredibly suitable for dogs as well as cats!

    They are a great natural source of vitamins and minerals essential for your pet’s diet.

    Being an organ product it is very high in Vitamin A which is essential for a puppies healthy diet and growth. As well as zinc and iron. These treats are small, bite-sized crunchy treats. Which are perfect as a quick snack or training treat.

    • Ingredients

      100% Australian Chicken Hearts

    • Note:

      Please keep in mind that similar to liver treats, the heart does contain a large amount of Vitamin A.

      Too much vitamin A can cause issues so please keep dosage moderate and do not overfeed organ treats.