The Art of Whole Food Chicken Bone Broth for Pets


Suitable for Dogs & Cats.

Chicken bone broth for pets is a delicious way to nourish your pet as an addition to their regular diet.  It’s gentle on sensitive digestive systems & will support your pet’s general health and wellbeing.

Use as a meal topper, or in summer freeze as a tasty ice block treat!


Made using all natural human quality ingredients – free-range chicken bones, filtered water, carrots & parsley.


Made in Australia 

Grain free, non-GMO and no preservatives.


NOTE: if you see bone broth at your local supermarket or health food store please ensure you check the ingredients for any onion.

Onion can be toxic to your pets and shouldn't be in any bone broth you make or purchase for your pets.

Chicken Bone Broth for Pets 500g


Daily Feeding Guide 
Puppy – Small 30-50ml, Medium 50-100ml, Large 100-150ml
Adult Dog –  Small  50-100ml, Medium 100-150ml, Large 150-250ml
Kitten  –  20-40ml
Adult Cat –  40-80ml