Cancer Support - Extra Strength Turmeric Dog Bites
  • Cancer Support - Extra Strength Turmeric Dog Bites

    Extra Strength Turmeric Dog Bites have been formulated by Dr. Doug using his Golden Paste recipe and adding in his favourite health and healing ingredients to create an optimal blend for keeping your furry friends feeling pawesome!

    To this combination, Dr Doug has added an ingredient he has used on Animals for 30 years, and in the last years been heavily researching as a possible Cancer Support treatment. 


    This formulation is only for animals with a Cancer Diagnosis. 


    Each Turmeric Bites are crafted as Bio-Activated (using 95% Curcuminoids) and readily available for your animal's absorption, which is why Dr. Doug and Turmeric Life are one of the most trusted and effective manufacturers of Turmeric / Curcumin health and healing products globally available. 



    • Turmeric and Curcumin Dog & Pet Health Bite
    • Formulated for Maximum Absorption
    • Created for Dogs Diagnosed with Cancer



    The Secret Ingredient?

    Dr Doug has been researching and reading scientific articles on the unexpected findings and benefits of a known drug when used on animals with cancer for the last year. In addition, Dr Doug had already been using this same drug widely in horses, dogs and cats for 30+ years and has noticed and now started heavily researching the link between it and Cancer treatments in not only Animals but also us Humans. This is his new creation to bring support to animals diagnosed with Cancer, we also ask that when you purchase this amazing product that you also join our Trial Group to keep track of your beloved dogs story.  


    Use only as directed by your Vet in animals diagnosed with cancer. 





    1 bite per 30 kg. Each bite is packed with the power of 697 mg of turmeric powder and an extra 5 gm curcumin concentrate plus 300 mg of the cancer support treatment. 1 serve is equal to ¾ teaspoon of Dr Doug's Golden Paste Recipe. Each bite combines healthy whole foods to maximise the absorption and metabolism of curcuminoids, a key component of turmeric that creates health and vitality!

    • Ingredients

      Dates, Almond Meal, Turmeric, Cashew Paste, Liver Treats, Pepitas, Shea Butter, Chia Meal, Flax Meal, Coconut Oil, Brewers Yeast, Hemp Seed Paste, MSM, Collagen Powder, Gelatine Powder, Kelp Powder, Black Pepper, Curcumin, Alfalfa Powder, Rose Hip Powder, Salt, Fenbendazole.

    • Suggested Serving Sizes

      • 30 kg (66Ib) dog: 1 bite
      • 15 kg (33 lb) dog: 1/2 bite
      • 7.5 kg (16.5 lb) dog: 1/4 bite
      • 3.75 kg (8.25 lb) dog: 1/8 bite


      1 x Cancer Support - Extra Strength Dog Bites
      2 x Turmeric Dog Bites


      Dr Doug's 4/3 Day Protocol

      Day 1 - 4
      Morning 1 x Cancer Support - Extra Strength Dog Bite
      Evening 1 x Turmeric Dog Bites

      Day 5 - 7
      Morning 1 x Turmeric Dog Bites
      Evening 1 x Turmeric Dog Bites

      Dr Doug recommends repeating this weekly for your pets treatment plan.

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