Biothane 4m Long Lead ~ 19mm Wide ~ Stainless Steel Clip
  • Biothane 4m Long Lead ~ 19mm Wide ~ Stainless Steel Clip

    Dogs love their walk, so lets make it fun and enriching for them!

    The Complete Pet Company’s beautiful synthetic leather long leads allow your dog to enjoy a relaxing walk, experiencing the joys and benefits of using their nose.

    Having a traditional leather look, synthetic leather is widely used in equestrian sports and has a number of advantages:

    • Always supple, regardless of the temperature
    • Does not absorb moisture or dirt
    • Low maintenance and easy to clean, simply wipe clean with a cloth or rinse under the tap
    • Low odour
    • Long lasting and hard wearing
    • Strong and durable in any weather conditions
    • Eco friendly
    • Polymers used are non-toxic and phthalate free

    The Complete Pet Company’s Long Leads are stitched to ensure extra strength and superior performance. They are 4m in length, with a width of 19mm, in a variety of colours.  There are two different sized clips – medium, suitable for medium dogs and large for larger dogs.


    A long lead allows your dog:

    • Freedom of movement – allowing your dog to move freely and unrestricted allows them to use correct gait minimising long term damage to joints and muscles. Freedom to move also allows them to communicate with their environment, other dogs and ourselves.
    • Choice and curiousity – allowing your dog the freedom to explore their world, to use all of their senses and make good choices provides your dog with an enriching and stimulating walk while also allowing your dog to gain confidence.
    • To experience the joys and benefits of using their nose.



    • The Whole Dog Theory

      A 4 metre lead is a great lead length to start your dog on adventure walks.

      Adventure walks are a great way to allow your dog more freedom to sniff and negotiate terrain.

      They can also help dogs with anxiety, hyperactivity, depression etc. 


      Energy consumption during locomotion

      "A dog on a leash, walking beside us or running alongside a bicycle, consumes only

      5-10% of its daily energy doing a set form of physical exercise. By contrast, a free-running dog like a working or hunting dog uses 20%. However, that extra 10-15% of daily energy consumption is not used by muscular activity, but by the dog's brain. So the idea of taking the dog out for a two-hour run in order to use up energy is a misnomer: it cannot use more than 5-10%."

      Excerpt taken from Nordic Dog Symposium 2017 Part 2 (Click on link to read full article)

      Prof Martin S Fischer, Germany (Best known for his book Dogs in Motion, 2011)

    • Available To Order if listed as Out of Stock

      Black, Navy, Sky Blue, Red, Berry Shimmer, Smokey Shimmer, Fluro Orange, Fluro Pink and Fluro Green

      We can order your colour/clip size preference you like if listed as out of stock.