Biothane 4m Lead 13mm wide SMALL CLIP

Biothane 4m Lead 13mm wide SMALL CLIP

A 4 metre lead is a great lead length to start your dog on adventure walks.

Adventure walks are a great way to allow your dog more freedom to sniff and negotiate terrain.

They can also help dogs with anxiety, hyperactivity, depression etc. 


Energy consumption during locomotion

"A dog on a leash, walking beside us or running alongside a bicycle, consumes only

5-10% of its daily energy doing a set form of physical exercise. By contrast, a free-running dog like a working or hunting dog uses 20%. However, that extra 10-15% of daily energy consumption is not used by muscular activity, but by the dog's brain. So the idea of taking the dog out for a two-hour run in order to use up energy is a misnomer: it cannot use more than 5-10%."

Excerpt taken from Nordic Dog Symposium 2017 Part 2 (Click on link to read full article)

Prof Martin S Fischer, Germany (Best known for his book Dogs in Motion, 2011)





    Please use a harness when using a long lead to avoid the potential of jarring your dogs neck.

  • General Guide

    Small Clip suitable for small breeds such as Chihuahua, Maltese, Shih Tzu, Pugs, Cavoodles, French Bulldog etc

    Highly Durable


    Will not dry out or crack

    Easy to clean