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Janine & Gus

I've always been involved with pets from childhood through to my hobbies and working life. With a background in detector dog handling/scent detection, boarding kennel attendant and dog training.

I adopted Gus, a chocolate cattle dog, in 2015. I knew I didn't want to feed him kibble and started cooking mince, rice and veggies for his meals. Supplemented with raw bones. I also knew that this was probably not a complete and appropriate diet for a dog but was really put off by the highly processed kibbles. Then I discovered raw feeding and so the journey began into learning more about our pets health and wellbeing.

Based on the Gold Coast, I could see that there was a need for a wholefood store for pets. We are very passionate about bringing more information and choices into your pets diet, lifestyle, health and wellbeing.

Lets help our pets build a stronger immune system so they can enjoy a happy and healthy life with you.

Please visit our store and feel free to have a chat about your dog or cat.